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Best Herbs To Smoke

Best legal herb to smoke? (smoothest/ best tasting)?

I am looking for the best herb to smoke. I have heard good things about Marshmallow leafs, but I am curious about any others that would be more enjoyable. I want to get around 2oz / 50g for spraying with jwh-018 to make a herbal smoking blend for myself. I do not smoke cannabis and can not for drug testing purposes. Any suggestions will be appreciated. (I found marshmallow leafs for less than 10$ on ebay for about 50g, looking for similar price range herbs .)

Thanks 🙂

Pick one..

I would go for:

Sassafras Root Bark
(Sasafras albidium)

Sassafras Root Bark is highly aromatic and inebriating.

Sassafras was used as the original flavoring for root beer but because sassafras contains safrole, it cannot be sold in the U.S. for human consumption. The reason for this is the presence of safrole, a phenylpropane, which the FDA has prohibited as flavors or food additives. Sassafras root bark however can be sold, even though it too contains safrole.

Safrole is an MDMA precursor and is itself psychoactive. Sassafras generates an extremely sweet-spicy smoke.


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