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What do you think about this Yale Students’ Lawsuit?

“”Women named Jill and Hillary should be raped.”

Those are the words of “AK-47″ — a poster to the college-admissions web forum AK-47 was one of a handful of students heaping misogynist scorn on women attending the nations’ top law schools in 2007, in posts so vile they spurred a national debate on the limits of online anonymity, and an unprecedented federal lawsuit aimed at unmasking and punishing the posters.

Now lawyers for two female Yale Law School students have ascertained AK-47’s real identity, along with the identities of other AutoAdmit posters, who all now face the likely publication of their names in court records — potentially marking a death sentence for the comment trolls’ budding legal careers even before the case has gone to trial.

The unmasking of the posters marks a milestone in a rare legal challenge to the norms of online commenting…”

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I think what we are missing here is that the threats could very well be real threats that can happen. Unlike a poster here from who said he wanted him and his friends to rape me to put me in my place; he doesn’t know who I am or where I am; the actual threat has no real chance of happening. These posters know who the women are that they are saying they are going to sodomize and they know where they are. It could easily go from threat to reality and this women should not have to fear unknown attackers. Since they posted these women’s real names they have made themselves liable for slander.

I think it is sad that so many people feel that these men should be able to slander these girls, threaten them so that they feel scared to go to the gym, and think that it is harmless. Freedom of speech is one thing but instigating fear isn’t a freedom.

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