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Buds Shop

buds gun shop question please help?

i was on a online site called buds gun shop and i wanted to buy a gun with monthly payments i just turned 18 so i don’t really got credit but i really wanted to buy a gun but don’t got enough to pay it all at once please help i really want a good gun that i can put payments on so i don’t go broke by buying it but i can make sure i put payments but i don’t got a credit card only thing i can get is a prepaid credit card or something please help and also the gun im looking for is a mossberg 500 cruiser with a 6 or 8 shot like the one on buds shop

Sounds like you need to save your $$$. WalMart does layaways on guns but most gun shops do not, especially for 18 year olds with no credit history, and certainly not on credit. A pre-paid credit card will require you to load the amount you would be paying in cash anyway, so it is not logical. Plus, you do realize that you will have to go through a local FFL holder for receipt & transfer of the gun, so by the time you pay the local shop for the transfer fees, you may as well buy your piece at the local gun dealer to start with. You will also have to deal with whatever local & state gun laws apply to your location. Save your money & buy locally and minimize the paperwork. Plus the pistol gripped Cruiser is a horrible choice; you should get the regular stocked model so you can hit what you are aiming at past 20 feet.

Buds Gun Shop and the Heritage Rough Rider POV

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