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Buy Herbal Bud

What effect does herbal buds have on you?

hello, i am wanting to buy herbal buds off the net, they are legal apparantly, i currently smoke a looooott off mary jane, and im wondering what kinda high do i get from herbal buds? is it as much as my chronic? or whats it like, or is it even worth the buy? someone fill me in ! Thanks.. Also wondering how much do i gotta smoke to get high? and if you know a good kind of herbal bud let me know 😀

i’ve never tried them, but i’ve tried the herbal incense. herbal incense will create a mini almost acid-like effect if you smoke enough, but is bad for your health. when i looked up reviews with friends on the “legal herbal buds” all the reviews just say it’s a calming mellowing effect, the effects are usually nothing like actual bud its self

“Herbal Incense Reviews”, “Legal Buds”, “K2 Incense Reviews

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