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Can I smoke Pure/Kush (store bought,legal) weed while on probation?

I’m really curious and I have yet to find any kind of direct answer on this. My friend boght Kush and Pure from our local headshop. They sell it and callit a type of incense. It’s supposed to be a legal way to get high. Can this be detected on a drug test for probation?

Legal alternatives to weed wont ever show up on a drug test and are undetectable. As long as you do it in a safe place and dont tell people i dont see the harm in it, plus it is completely legal, so what would you get in trouble for?

EDIT: the person who answered after me raised a good point. I know because i have smoked legal alternatives to weed on and off for almost a year now. BE CAREFUL. Most of that stuff is synthetic and no one really knows whats in it for sure. For example, the popular once legal spice K2 is now illegal in my city due to causing seizures/strokes.

Dispensaries and buying legal Medical Marijuana

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