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Buy Marijuana Legally

Should prostitution stings be stopped ?

Why does the police waste all this time and effort setting up prostitution stings ? If people can buy marijuana legally, why can’t men be able to hire the services of a woman ? After al, this is the oldest profession in the world ! Come on, after all, men pay one way or another, while dating, after we get married. Why shouldn’t men be able to pay for for sex upfront ?
Seems to me the police should concentrate on gang crime, robberies, home break ins, DRUGS, instead, they set up these stings and consfiscate the johns cars, give out big fines. I guess they are afraid of dealing with real criminals…!
Maybe the police should stick to what they do best: Eating donuts at the donut shop…

The police do the stings because we, the People, allow our government to pass laws against it. Laws get passed based on what the people want. Maybe it is not what all people want nor even a large majority, but it is what the organized, vocal people want. After all, imagine you want prostitution to be legal. Everyone would think you were some desperate loser who couldn’t get sex without paying a prostitute. We were able to revoke prohibition of alcohol because even cool, good looking people wanted to drink. We usually think of guy who want to visit prostitutes as a loser. While that simply is not true, that’s what most people think. It would be very hard for a lawmaker (who is probably married) to support legalizing prostitution.

Women do not want it legalized because it would reduce their power over men. Imagine being able to have sex with a beautiful woman any time you wanted (even if you were fat, old, ugly, etc). Women don’t want to lose that power over men.

What we should do is focus on the problems. The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is a serious issue, but one doesn’t have to be or be with a prostitute to spread STDs. When we legalize prostitution, we need to make sure we have regulations in place that will include the mandatory testing of sex workers and those individuals who wish to secure the services of prostitutes. Both provider and client should be licensed.

Next, another real problem is human trafficking. This is a serious problem in many parts of the World. By legalizing prostitution, we will eliminate the criminal element and reduce human trafficking. Of course, we will also need to provide for very harsh consequences for being involved in human trafficking.

Finally, while one might find prostitution disgusting, I don’t think that is cause to make it illegal. As long as both the sex worker and the client are of legal age, are disease free (we need to protect ourselves as a society from the spread of infectious disease), not drunk or on drugs, and are doing the sex acts of their own free will, I do not see why anyone else needs to care.

There is a line we as a people need to draw as to what is acceptable and what is not, but we shouldn’t be telling consenting adults what to do. You know, there are many young women who get with rich older men just for the money. We see this all the time. Just because he doesn’t hand her a $100 bill with each sex act doesn’t mean she is any less of a prostitute than those women who do it that way.

Finally, if we legalize prostitution, it will help protect women from being raped.

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