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Does Legal Herb Get You High

does legal herb get you high: IF YOU SMOKE ENOUGH?

hence the reason why they give you half ounce for only 30 dollars because they know you may need to smoke a lil more to get that satisfying feeling your looking for…. tired of people telling me it doesn’t get you high because if smoke enough it can lead to the best high moments you can have… but let me waste my time and see what my fellow pot smokers have to say about this.. and you can’t over dose on weed so don’t give me that bull shit when you answer….

So you don’t want an answer?
Soooo your tired of people saying it doesn’t? Then what IS the Q?

‘legal bud’ is an incense not intended to be smoked. This pot smoker says WTF are you saking?
Smoking any amount of this spice WILL NOT get you high like MJ.
I stick with the real thing.

tokin daily: why do you get high¿

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