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Ecstasy Smokes

Should I stay with this guy?

I’m dating this guy but my parents think he’s bad news.
He used to smoke a lot, and used to take lots of drugs like meth, cocaine, ecstasy, smoke weed etc.
He failed his first year at university and he is over £2,000 in debt with the bank. He also drinks a lot and gets quite drunk when he goes out with his friends. And also he had one night stands before without protection and ended up having to get checked out.

But I love him lots and lots and he makes me feel amazing and I want to marry this guy and spend the rest of my life with him.
Should I stay with him? Will my parents eventually accept him?

depends… Who is he today? I noticed you used a lot of pass tense. If he is still that person you described than run far away there are many men out there, and yes you can love again even stronger. If he is a nice guy now then date him..nuff said

Drunk guy singing and smoking in shower!

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