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Free Legal Weed

Please answer this!!?

Ok, so I am 13 years old and I was at my bros and he had a friend that was smoking Mad Hatter Herbal Incense. Not sure if it was legal or not, but I want to know where I can get legal weed or if they are at gas stations and I want to be able to buy it myself. Or, I may be able to bribe my mom and fail. Can anyone let me know these things.
1. Where can I get free legal weed?
2. Where can I get really cheap weed?
3. Where can I get herbal incenses like Mad Hatter?

I just love getting high, can anyone help me. I do not want to hear any annoying shit like I am to young or stuff like that
Thanks Chloe sure
How can I get it from you?

hahaha this is funny i used to get weed from a gas station it is illegal to use im in the fbi so people let me get away with it but you can sneak it from walmart too i have some weed that i dont want anymore i could give it to you and herbal incenses suck really weed is better i have a bunch so i can help if you want.

btw im 17 so i could get it it anywhere for you

and no problem we all do illegal stuff hahaha lol

if you trust me i could send it to you by mail im a girl so yea if you give me your adress in chat or something i will send it to you as soon as possible

Rugby Aftermath & Legal Weed?!

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