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Grow Legal Bud

what is kush and whats with all the legal buds?

i know pot is illegal and i just want something to unwind with without risking my entire future for a roll. i’m not into those chemical legal highs and stuff because i don’t know for sure of whats going in my body. plus some of these other plant highs are just horrible… jimson weed, yeah right.
i’d feel more comfortable if i grew legal buds myself it myself and heck, maybe i can sell some but when i Google, growing legal kush/buds and stuff, i get all of this medical and regular pot stuff. is it even possible to smoke some legal buds or do i haft to buy it online? are there any type of pot out there that is legal for anyone to have? like a foreign pot from another country that has no formal enforcement or something. i know this sounds like a stupid noob question but i can’t find anything on this.
man law sucks! so, they take the fun and relaxation out of everything and then the safety of growing it on my own and knowing whats going in my body? well i guess thats it then. thnx =)

There is no plant you can grow to smoke and unwind besides weed…that’s a myth…there are legal highs that use a cannabanoid that does the same thing as weed (research JWH-018) and is not harmful. Although these products can be rather pricey. You can find good deals online though. The average price is 50 dollars for 3 grams. here’s where i get mine

“CFL grow” 32days flower BUDS BUDS BUDS

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