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Herb Smoke

Legal Herbs/Smoke ,What is the best legal herb to smoke to get buzzed on?

K2 is by far the best brand, but it is now illegal in many states and can only really be purchased online in bulk. i found a little general store in my town that sells legal herb very discretely. every time i go they have a different brand. after a while i stopped paying attention to the names. i remember black magic smoke was good, but i dont know if they make it anymore. honestly, the stuff creeps me out now. i used to smoke it all the time. after several months of smoking it regularly i built up a tolerance to it, i was coughing up black stuff, and i would get really bad headaches after smoking it. i think its best if you just avoid it alltogether or just use it in emergency situations where for some reasons you cant get ahold of the real deal. as for the brands, they are all pretty much the same, but K2 wins if you can get your hands on some.

Aries – Herb Smoke

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