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Herb Tobacco

Legal Herbs and Glass Accessories?

Is it illegal to smoke out of glass accessories in public; items such as water pipes, hookahs and glass pipes?

Is it illegal to smoke legal herbs, tobacco alternatives and other legal substances in public?

Both items are legal in the United States, but I am wondering what the repercussions would be for use in public.

Well, what it really comes down to is…where outside, and where do you live.

To put it simply it’s all about state and city ordinances. I can smoke anywhere in my town I want outside but the moment I step into a park and smoke….I get a ticket.

Some college campuses are completely smoke free. Some cities are smoke free outside and inside but you can smoke on your own property.

Safest thing to do is call the local municipal court and ask if there are any smoking restrictions where you are. Only takes a few minutes and then you will no for sure.

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