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Herbal Ecstasy

herbal ecstasy….please help?

i was wondering if anyone has experimented with this new stuff called herbal ecstasy.. see, im a major lightweight and can barely handle smokin pot.. and im a raver and i absolutely love it but all my friends tell me i would love it even more if i took a pill of ecstasy. but i don’t want my brain to melt or whatever so i found the herbal form online, but i don’t know if its a fraud or even if it feels good to use. please tell me some good sites to buy from, maybe tell me your experience and what it was like? thank you!

I’d be pretty careful about trusting internet forums for information about any kind of drugs: you’ll hear lots of answers from people who say it’s great, but rarely will you hear anything bad, because if something goes wrong people are usually unable to post on internet websites… because they’ve died from an OD.

I also wouldn’t buy drugs online; that sounds like a good way to get ripped off, and possibly get something that’s not the drug you think it is; remember, there are no manufacturing inspections or government regulations on illegal drugs, so for all you know you’re eating cow manure capsules.

If you enjoy raves without doing any drugs, then save your money and just go to raves sober!

Oh! Pleasure Herbal Ecstasy

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