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Herbal Effects

Wild Dagga, Leonotis Leonurus, Cupple questions.?

————-Is the ebay i am thinking about buying this from.

2. It says its the “Dried leaves”. Well are the dried leaves the part that give you the herbal effects?

3. Since its WAY cheeper then anywhere else, like 15bucks less then any other price for an Oz i have seen, is this the real deal? The picture is so small i think the guy may be hiding somthing.

Hi Tim, I just checked out this e-bay sellers feedback page. He has had about 270 sales with no complaints yet, just what seemed to be happy customers. I would have no hesitation in buying from this seller, click on his score number next to his name this will take you to his feedback page & you can see many testimonials & he seems to score highly on delivery times & all other aspects as well. I find on e-bay Sometimes sellers are not very camera savvy & it looks like he just uses cut paste to to add pictures he finds on the net & doesn’t take them himself. I am sure he would answer any queries you may have e-mail him through (ask seller a Question, in add) he seems like the kind of seller that would answer reasonably quick. Hope this helps you, Cheers & goodluck with it.

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