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Herbs Legal

where Is Damiana Herb legal? (aka spice, k2, or black mamba)?

I bought some black mamba on vacation last week. I was just wanting to know if anyone knew where the laws are published if there are any at all. From what I found through google and search engines is that it is 100% legal and doesn’t show up in urine tests. Can anyone confirm this? (especially before I go using it lol)
ok but everything is based off of Damiana and they add jwo-011 or what ever the synthetic thc is right?

Well, you can use any of several diffferent garden herbs, not just damiana. Last I checked, you can grow damiana or buy it from the farmer’s market in most areas.

Where the laws are published? If your state has a law against it, you would be able to finding it by searching with key words on the site that has all of your state laws listed. If your state hasnt restricted it, there arent any laws on it at all, and there are no federal laws.

Is it 100% illegal? No, its a gray product. It is legal to sell and buy because it is labeled “not for human consumption”. Which means just like huffing paint or whatever else, it is still illegal to use it to get high. You can still get a ticket for public intox or dui. You can still get in trouble for having it at school.

As far as drug tests… the average test wont catch it, and if you do test positive for it, it obviously will NOT show up as marijuana. Largely, you have nothing to worry about, however, there are internet rumors that the military is testing for it, and that a couple of large national companies are.

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