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Herbs That Will Get You High

lets get this straight-k2-spice-salvia-incense-jwh-018?

salvia-pretty much a smoke-able shroom that will make you trip, legal to buy
spice or k2-mix of herbs that will get you high like marijuana, pretty much synthetic or fake pot
and jwh-018 is the stuff in k2 or spice that makes you high

correct me if im wrong and answer what incense is or if its just another name for k2 and spice

Salvia – Extreme Trip. Lasts 10 – 35 mins.

Spice, K2 – Blend of herbs sprayed with a synthetic cannabinoid such as JWH-018 or JWH-250.

Incense – Nice smelling aroma caused by burning extracts.When used as the term “Herbal Incense” it refers to K2, Spice, or other “Synthetic Marijuana” blends. Most blends are sold “Not for Human Consumption” and are therefore sold as Incenses.

JWH-018 – a Synthetic Cannabinoid (usually sprayed on herbs) that mimics the effects of Marijuana.

Garlic Poultice – Excerpt from “Making Herbs Simple” (HD)

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