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Incense Weed

i think i may be pregnant, but i don’t know…help?

i spent the night at my boyfriends house 2 weeks ago. we had sex like every 5 minutes basically..unprotected for the 2 days i stayed with him. but i got my period the very next day. i’ve been feeling like utter shit. i do smoke incense, weed, pills, and drink..but i haven’t smoked or done pills in a few days. so i dont know if thats whats making me feel like shit or not…i’ve been feeling nauseous a lot, and every single food looks disgusting to me. like thinking about food makes me queasy. i always feel exhausted and have major ass headaches. help me please?

Well if you had sex 2 weeks ago you should be able to take a test now and it will tell you yes or no. If not the get yourself to the doctors and get a blood test. If you suspect that your pregnant then you should cut down on the drinking and drugs. Good Luck. I hope you get the answer you want xx

K2, Smiley Dog, Venom, K3 and other fake weed/incense- DONT TRY OR BUY IT!!!

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