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The Simplest 3 Step Real Estate Marketing Approach to Convert More Leads

Even though generating leads for your business is an incredibly essential aspect to your success, devoid of the right follow up your real estate marketing endeavours are going to be wasted. Due to incredibly busy schedules, a lot of Realtors usually disregard this specific area. Having said that, if you’re not remaining in contact with your prospects, it is nearly impossible to build any relationships with your email list.

What is the outcome of all this? Brokers will miss out on a tremendous amount of business, because most buyers and sellers are not ready to make a decision immediately. Furthermore, seeing that increasingly more business is now being performed over the internet, it is much easier to lose a personal connection with each prospective client.

Hence, as a way to assist busy experts with their online real estate marketing and lead generation, we have produced a simple and easy process that you may follow. We like to refer to this plan as the most efficient and laziest approach to incubate leads.

Brief Overview of This Powerful Strategy

1. Whenever a new lead goes into your funnel, it is critical that you make time to constantly reach out to them. This can be conducted by sending out two weekly email messages to your list. First of all, you need to deliver an updated list of homes (whatever your prospects decided to sign up for), so they can receive regular reminders.

2. Second, you will want to submit a best buy deal of the week on a different day (this real estate marketing technique really generates results). Simply sort through your MLS results or current listings to provide a hot buy for your audience. Take a few moments to clarify why you selected this property and what causes it to jump out.

3. Furthermore, always incorporate a simple call to action that will get interested prospects to take action. One of the most successful messages we have tested out is the “private open house.” This introduces a way for individuals to view the home, but it’s less threatening than a one on one showing. Ask for for individuals to text, email or call to RSVP.

By following these 3 basic steps, you’ll build a steady course of action that your prospects will come to expect each and every week. Make a point to continually distribute both emails, because you will receive a much better reaction from your list than if you only email sporadically.

Plus, you’ll definitely stand apart from your competitors, because most real estate experts are not carrying out a similar procedure to remain in contact with their prospects. Like this idea but need more leads in your funnel? Visit us immediately at Real Estate Marketing to uncover a powerful 3 step strategy to crank out more leads for your business!
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