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Is Legal Bud Safe

Is legal bud safe to smoke?

I can’t smoke natural marijuana for quite some time because I’m going to be getting drug tests all the time. So I’m wondering if legal bud is safe. I’m not talking about medical marijuana I’m talking about the kind that you would buy in a smoke shop or online. I have tried legals once four months ago and it was Fear and Loathing 2. It was a big party and everyone puked except for me and two of my friends. I thought it was fun but everyone else was like “Never again!!” I just want to know of any long term effects or anything that could harm me. I’m fifteen by the way and I’ve been smoking natural bud for six months.

Idk, im scared about the same thing. I play baseball so i get drugtests year round and i love the feel of legal. All my friends hate it too but ive been reading up on it and i think its safeish. Been smokin real for 2 years but legal for about half a year. Its so calming, but i dont trust the shit til i get proof i wont die

Legal Weed is not Safe

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