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Is Smoking Spice Legal

cross tolerance with weed and spice?

I became a pretty heavy smoker for a couple years now – and now dont feel the effects much. I have taken breaks before usually about a week or 2 and still didnt feel that much of a difference after. for the past 6 months I have been smoking spice (legal synthetic marijuana) because its faster/ cheaper/ doesnt smell etc. but i miss weed because its natural and I miss the high..I really only smoke it every few weeks and whenever i do, im dissapointed. I have read some articles with mixed opinions about cross tolerance between thc and jwh(main chemical used in spice) but a few of the brands i smoke spefically state they contain no acetone or jwh so would it still form a cross tolerance? they contain things like pukatea leaf, verbascum thaspus (whatever that is) and things like that. Like i said, i would like to get back to the natural herb but dont feel the effects much anymore.
is that why i just bought some from the store yesterday? its illegal depending where you live…

There are hundreds of synthetic cannabinoids in the various “spice blends” Most of the popular cannabinoids used are FULL CB1, and/or CB2 receptor antagonists. Where as natural marijuana contains only a few psychoactive cannabinoids and all of them are PARTIAL receptor antagonists. So essentially the synthetic stuff is extremely more potent and acts in a way marijuana does not. It shocks the receptors into turning off eventually because they are overstimulated. If you stop using the synthetic stuff, after a month or more your receptors will start to reactivate and become sensitive again to good old mary jane. I experienced the same thing. But im back to weed only now where i should have always stayed if it wasnt for being arrested.

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