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Is Synthetic Marijuana Legal

Why is synthetic marijuana legal and real weed illegal? ?

I tried fake weed today & I felt like I was dying and going to have a heart attack my heart was beating so fast! And I couldnt stop shaking ! It was a horrible experience not going to do that again.
ON THE OTHER HAND WITH REAL WEED its completley different? It feels so much safer and better. Nothing as bad as synthetic weed.

So why would FAKE weed be legal and REAL weed illlegal?

It takes time ti find synthetic marijuana and make it illegal. Most of the spice and K2 products are off the market. When law enforcement finds these types of products, they have to test them for elements of the THC forms. A lot of the synthetic marijuana sold are orange peels mixed with oregano. Then there are extreme cases of smoking nutmeg to get high and then some wise guy starts selling nutmeg called some fake name and some one decides to smoke it instead.

How they make so called synthetic marijuana

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