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Marketing For The Legal Profession

Legal practitioners have become more profit-oriented in how they approach their profession. There are more lawyers than ever competing for clients and it’s getting tougher to find and keep them, particularly if you are just starting out as an attorney.

To this end, attorneys have found a need to further apply the principles of marketing as an attorney. One hundred years ago, it was enough for attorneys to have a booming business simply via word-of-mouth. Print and radio media emerged in importance fifty years later. Fifteen years ago, television ads brought attorneys and the legal profession closer to potential clients.

Aside from those mediums, however, attorney marketing has found another field to ‘play’ on: the Internet. All attorneys should not overlook the power of web marketing in helping them secure clients.

That said, I want to talk a bit more generally about law firm marketing:

The clients’ biggest concerns should always take precedence

Clients tend to miss seeing important details and instead look only at the bigger picture; that is where the lawyers come in. No transaction is too trivial and no detail is too small, especially when they impact our clients. We want to keep them happy after all.

Attorneys, however, do not use this approach when it comes to marketing. Most attorney advertising that I see tends to proclaim why the attorney is better than all other attorneys, more experienced, etc. Your clients would like to have the best attorney, but do you know what they really want?

Basically, clients demand professionalism, responsiveness and competence in lawyers whose services they avail themselves of. Being the best is a far second to just possessing these qualities and taking every individual client seriously. Do not take this advice lightly, as it concerns not just your practice, but your marketing as well.

When a potential client meets you or comes to your website, the first and last impression that they should get is that you are someone whom they can trust to take all of their concerns seriously, to respond quickly, and to be knowledgeable about whatever subject matter is at stake. Most attorneys I meet emphasize the knowledgeable portion but forget the rest, assuming that it’ll be obvious to the potential client. IT ISN’T!!

Be aggressive in marketing yourself

It is never enough to rely on appearances to sell ourselves to our clients just because we deem marketing to be a distasteful exercise at times. That is not how you effectively sell yourself. No matter what medium you choose for your marketing, you ABSOLUTELY MUST state the obvious. So what is the obvious?

* Your Aptitude. Your potential customers need to know what you’re an expert or at least well-versed in. Tell them.

* Your Willingness to Respond. Potential clients need to know that you will promptly and quickly attend to their queries and general needs when they require it.

* Your Accomplishment Record. Avoid fabrications. That said, play up any accomplishments that you’ve had. Even if you think they were relatively minor compared to some other accomplishment you’ve heard about, it probably won’t matter to your client, who is really just looking for you to have experience in situations like theirs.
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