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Legal Alternatives To Marijuana

Marijuana Legality Law Question?

Read first:

There is a legal Substance called K2. You can buy it in pipe shops.

K2 is far more potent that Marijuana. K2 causes most users hearts to race and chest pain/shortness of breath and panic off of only a few hits. Also, the chest (heart) pain lasts days after use in many users.

Marijuana on the other hand doesn’t overdose or harm the user- but is a Class 1 illegal drug and people get locked up for possessing and using it. It has good medicinal properties (using a vaporizer will eliminate the carcinogenic effects of smoking)

My point is- the govt would rather sell rat poison as a legal alternative to marijuana than to have marijuana not so illegal. *Marijuana is smoked and used everyday by people who want to smoke: whether its legal or not, and the bad mafias who kill families get ALL the profit which= power.

I have one question- WHY?

Hello there,

I believe you have several facts incorrect.

K-2 is an incense. It has not been proven safe for smoking. I do believe there is sufficient testing done at this time to determine the health effects of it. Also, some states and at least one county are working on bans. I believe the federal government is investigating it also.

I have heard the statement that marijuana is harmless for over 40 years. That statement is absolutely false. Yet, people continue make that statement because they want to believe it. Marijuana is not harmless. It presents various serious health hazards. Studies have proven that it can damage your brain, have adverse effects on your lungs, increases your heart rate by 20 to 100 percent, increase your risk of heart attack and is addictive. Marijuana is a federally controlled substance for very real reasons.

Also, the government is not selling K-2, rat poison, or any other substance as an alternative to marijuana.


New effort to outlaw potent herb being used as legal alternative to marijuana

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