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Legal Bu

Who thinks marijuana should be legal?

I do because it could make our economy way better! More money coming in and more jobs! It also doesn’t make since that alcohol is legal- bu marijuana isnt? Alcohol makes you black out, alcohol poisoning, addiction…. I have been smoking weed for about a year and I am no where near addicited. I smoke a few times a month for fun. Don’t see whats so wrong with it?
I have no interest in trying any other drug because of it so thats not true…. and im not addicting to it at all!

I want it legalized because I prefer it to drinking and it doesn’t screw me up in the morning with a pounding hangover.

Besides I have been known to do stupid things when I am drunk.
And laugh my self silly when I’m stoned.


Marijuana Law Ken White says Know Your Rights when confronted by the cops.

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