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Keeping Up With Attorney Marketing

Legal practitioners have become more profit-oriented in how they approach their profession. Lawyers now outnumber clients, and the difficulty in finding and keeping clients is a problem faced by all practitioners, especially those who are just starting out.

As a result, many lawyers have turned to increased attorney marketing to step their game up. One hundred years ago, attorneys relied largely on word-of-mouth referrals. Fifty years ago, print and radio ads were the medium of choice. Fifteen years ago, television ads brought attorneys and the legal profession closer to potential clients.

No one is in doubt of the effectiveness of those mediums, but with the far-reaching influence of the Internet, no one can blame lawyers for turning to it as a means to secure more clients. Without a doubt, web marketing on the internet is a potential client goldmine for lawyers – veterans and newbies alike.

Now let us look into how you could dramatically improve your law firm marketing

The clients’ interests should always come first

This seems obvious, since as attorneys, we tend to worry about every little detail that our clients may overlook. All legal transactions, big or small, should be looked at from all angles, their implications to our clients’ welfare assessed and studied. We want to keep them happy after all.

Strangely, though, attorneys rarely follow this principle when it comes to marketing. They tend to focus on playing up their edge over their competitors and even resort to putting them down to lift themselves up. You might be the best attorney any client could ask for, but are you the best fit for that particular client and his or her needs?

By and large, they want someone who is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. These qualities, as well as a personal individual approach towards each client, are the primary considerations; being the best is just icing on the cake. This is good advice for your practice, but it’s even more important for your marketing.

When a potential client meets you or comes to your website, the first and last impression that they should get is that you are someone whom they can trust to take all of their concerns seriously, to respond quickly, and to be knowledgeable about whatever subject matter is at stake. Often, lawyers only concentrate on the third trait – the knowledgeable part – and take the other two for granted. Big mistake.

Attorney Marketing cannot be subtle

We may be very good at what we do and the potential clients can see that, but our efforts should not stop there. Although this happens, it’s not how marketing works. Whatever medium you use, reiterate what the clients already know. So what do they know?

* Your Technical Know-how. Your potential clients deserve to know the extent of your knowledge and expertise about the different matters relating to the services they require of you.

* Your Responsiveness. It’s the number one complaint of legal clients against attorneys, so you need to reassure your potential clients that you will promptly and considerately reply to them.

* Your Performance History. Please don’t lie. However, what accomplishments you have, put emphasis on them. It does not matter that they may be lesser than others, what matters is the client are reassured that you are equipped to deal with their particular needs.
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