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Legal Bud Good Or Bad

Legal buds? Good or bad?

anyone actually tried legal buds and if so what would you say? Do they really work? Are they worth it

I am a personal k2 user and would like to add a few things and comment on some of the information you have shared above. First of all k2 is just a bag of natural herbs that look like dried leaves and flowers. You smoke it and inhale it deeply into your lungs like one would do with the smoke from a joint or a regular cig. The first few expieriences are the most intense and make some things a little more difficult to do (like writing an essay) So I wouldn’t suggest smoking for the first time right before you need to do something important (same with drinking alcohol). I would like to add that from personally smoking at least 10 bags of k2 (approx 30 grams, $250 bucks) to myself that I have developed a very very high tolerance for the synthetic cannibanoids, and I feel almost nothing when I smoke it. Its like a waste of money now. So I am going to wait for a while and see if my tolerance goes back down. I started building a tolerance after smoking 5 grams-ish (a quarter of a gram gets you high), the eperience wasn’t so exciting, didn’t feel impared what-so-ever. When smoking marijuana I always got high everytime I smoked and felt a really good buzz. I honestly think K2 could help some stoners make a change to K2 and finally pass a drug test and get that job at Wal-Mart or even be used in the medical field to help people in similar ways medical marijuana does. Look out for “glass half empty” propaganda-esque articles out there that only highlight the bad in something.

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