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Legal Bud In A Can

Keeping Up With Attorney Marketing

It’s more obvious that ever that being an attorney and running a legal practice has become a business more than a profession. Lawyers now outnumber clients, and the difficulty in finding and keeping clients is a problem faced by all practitioners, especially those who are just starting out.

As a result, many lawyers have turned to increased attorney marketing to step their game up. One hundred years ago, it was enough for attorneys to have a booming business simply via word-of-mouth. Fifty years ago, print and radio ads were the medium of choice. Just 15 years ago, television ads helped many lawyers establish a thriving business.

No one is in doubt of the effectiveness of those mediums, but with the far-reaching influence of the Internet, no one can blame lawyers for turning to it as a means to secure more clients. All attorneys should not overlook the power of web marketing in helping them secure clients.

That said, I want to talk a bit more generally about law-firm marketing:

The clients’ interests should always come first

It is our duty as attorneys to look into details, no matter how small or minute. No transaction is too trivial and no detail is too small, especially when they impact our clients. That is, after all, what they pay us to do: to keep them happy.

Attorneys, however, do not use this approach when it comes to marketing. Competition becomes slightly dirty, with attorney advertisements that are veered towards self-glorification above all the rest. Your clients would like to have the best attorney, but do you know what they really want?

All clients, in general, prefer a lawyer who is professional, sensitive to their needs, and knows what they are doing. Being the best is a far second to just possessing these qualities and taking every individual client seriously. Do not take this advice lightly, as it concerns not just your practice, but your marketing as well.

It is important to impress upon potential clients upon first contact – whether in person or online – that you tick all the boxes they require: you can deliver as a professional, you are sensitive to their needs, and you know what you are doing in taking care of their best interests. Most attorneys I meet emphasize the knowledgeable portion but forget the rest, assuming that it’ll be obvious to the potential client. IT ISN’T!!

Be aggressive in marketing yourself

Many of us have a natural aversion to marketing, and we like to think that we can sell ourselves and our services simply by letting people get to know us and see how smart we are. Although this happens, it’s not how marketing works. No matter what medium you choose for your marketing, you ABSOLUTELY MUST state the obvious. The obvious being… what, exactly?

* Your Knowledge Base. Your potential customers need to know what you’re an expert or at least well-versed in. Tell them.

* Your Responsiveness. Keep your communication lines open, assuring clients that you will always be on hand to respond when they need you to.

* Your Performance History. Avoid fabrications. However, what accomplishments you have, put emphasis on them. However small or minor they may seem compared to others, what is important is to show the client that you have are exactly what is needed for their particular needs.
Legal Weed is not Safe

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