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Legal Bud K2

Is there still any legal bud (K2, spice, etc) available in PA?

I live in PA. Bout to go on probation for smokin bud. Lookin for a substitute that I can smoke on probation without gettin in trouble. Anyone know of any?
Please dont bother me with your opinions on how I run my life. If you cant answer my question with USEFUL information on where to get this stuff, dont bother answering at all.

I’m sure there is, there are brands that are “all 50 states complaint” – you just have go to some pipe/tobacco/smoke shops and buy some. Head into any store that sells pipes and ask if they sell herbal incense, I’m sure they do. Or you can see if websites ship to your state, if its legal, they will.

A few other things you should really know about: If you’ve never smoked this legal stuff before, be careful!!!! It is a substitute for the real thing, and imo is not better but worse than the real thing – good only for when you can’t get the real thing and/or are going to be drug tested. DO NOT SMOKE THIS STUFF LIKE YOU SMOKE WEED!! You WILL trip balls, but not in a good way, your heart will race even if you try to calm it. Dude, trust me, I’m a loooong time pot smoker and I meditate and do yoga, and if this drug made my heart race and gave someone like me a panic attack, made me puke and made me literally feel like I was nearing death it can happen to you – I was stupid and that happened to me not once, but twice.

The key is to take tiny hits and DO NOT hold it in like weed, just exhale. Take one hit, exhale and wait a few mins. If you’re high, stop – or you will f!cking regret it, I’m not kidding around!

What makes it worse is that ALL brands are different – the people making them spray them differently (it is the synthetic cannaboids sprayed on that makes you high) – so some are sprayed inconsistently where you can smoke yourself stupid and not get high at all and some are so soaked you’ll get the panic attack from hell from one solid hit. Some of the all 50 states brands only last a short time – you do a couple solid tokes, then you’re high as hell for like, 20 mins, then it totally wears off. This is EXACTLY why you have to take 1 hit and wait, 1 hit and wait, and once you are high, STOP.

I’m telling ya, be careful, you’ll find out.

Also, do your probation and move on with your life. Read, work hard, develop yourself. Screw the governement, stay the hell out of the justice system man, you got access to a computer so you have access to almost all of human knowledge – find something you want to do with your life and never put yourself in a situation where you’re on probation (or jail) again.

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