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Legal Bud Krypto

Is the legal bud Krypto a good buzzz?

‘legal buds’ are usually crap.

‘Herbal Incense’ (blends) are the legitimate thing.

Edit: The compound added to the herbal base of herbal incenses can be up to 200x as strong as THC, their strength is simply determined by how much the producer chooses to add. Also, there hasn’t been any actual health risks reported so far, despite years of synthetic cannabinoid use other than an instance where someone who smoked 3g of Spice a day for a long time suffered withdrawal symptoms after stopping use.

The only risk so far reported of incense use is primarily teenagers smoking a few hits of the stuff, thinking that it ‘isn’t as strong as the real thing’ and ending up stoned out of their inexperienced minds. A few people have even been to hospital after an ‘over-dose’, however the doctors found nothing actually wrong with them other than a heartrate similar to that of someone exercising reasonably vigorously, and a mental state of someone who has never really experienced drugs suddenly jumping into the deep end

Legal Buds “Krypto” Review

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