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Legal Bud Really Work

Do legal buds really work?

Yes they do, if you get the right ones. I ordered Blaze Herbal blend from, got 1/8th for 17 dollars plus a free gram of their Dank blend.

It’s better than any weed I’ve ever had (haven’t had much) excluding the one time I had some really good weed.
It’s not all in my mind. I know what a placebo is like, and I know what being high is like. And trust me, I know I was high. If I thought even for a moment that it was placebo then I wouldn’t waste my time trying to let people know. For people that can’t smoke weed they would want to know about things like this.

It definitely does get you high.

No, it really doesn’t. I honestly believe you’re the first person out of everyone in my entire life that I’ve come across who says legal bud does ANYTHING.

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