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Legal Bud Weed

please answer this truthfually ( i no its spelled wrong)?

i just saw a website called and it suposidly has legal bud (weed, marajuiana) from hawaii that gets you high and is LEGAL has anyone heard of this website or gotten anything from it or would you trust it to buy this stuff off it. also thay said it doesnt show up in a piss test but check it out and tell me if you have gotten riped off or if it did show up in a test does it work or stuff like thanks
try the websight and check it out and tell me what you think because i need to know

it must be THC free if it doesn’t show up in a test…I wouldn’t try it…keep smoking the old fashioned way…and drink plenty of water and cranberry juice and/or a whizzinator

International Oddities Gotalite Girls Legal bud photo shoot

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