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Legal Bud Works

I’m considering smoking pot or legal buds?

I’m 16. I’m a pretty good kid, never really broke the law except a couple things like drink a little. I’ve been raised to stay away from drugs and I know I’m not gonna start shooting Heroin or doing coke. Saying that, my dad is away for a weekend coming up in August and I am interested in trying new things, so I see this as a chance for me to get some weed or legal buds. I’ve looked into marijuana and know it’s not that bad, that’s why i want to try it, but I’m not really sure what / how the legal buds work. Can anyone tell me about this?
and mainly what are the pros and cons?
like what kind of high do you feel and how damaging is it?

don’t do legal buds, they don’t give you much of a feeling, and stuff like k2, or some other ones, are actually pretty damaging to your health, and marijuana is way safer than the legal ones… so do the illegal highs, not the legal ones, as long as you don’t get caught, your good, getting caught is the only problem with weed.


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