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Legal Herb High

What is your favorite legal herb high?

Just wondering lol. Like kava, kratom, k2….or whatever else you prefer…

Are there any teas you can get high off of?

from the list of herbs you listed, i would say kratom. although, i do not count kratom as a legal high because it doesnt get you high at all, it doesnt have any psychadelic (mind-manifesting) properties. it can however give you energy and motivation and you can have positive thoughts and a good attitude while you are under its influence. so even though kratom doesnt get you high, it can still be fun to take when you are with friends.

salvia divinorum would be my favorite legal high. even though its legal, people say it is the most powerful naturally occuring psychadelic compound that exists (DMT may or may not be stronger). salvia, as far as we know it and as far as the mazatec indians who have used this herb for centuries are concerned, it is not toxic and its a pretty safe herb to use, regardless of its potency. i like to smoke the extracts. you can have a number of experiences from smoking this herb, which can include visions and feeling that you are floating out of your body. its not a fun herb to use, but its a VERY interesting and VERY mysterious herb that gives you a unique experience. most people that come back from a salvia trip find it really hard to explain in words what occured in their trip, including me. salvia can also be chewed (this is called a quid) or put into a tea (this takes alot of leaves and tastes bitter).

Okla. Teens Getting Legal Herbal High

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