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What Makes A Golf Cart Street Legal

A golf cart is a vehicle built to help golfers carry their stuff effectively as well as navigate the golf course with ease. But do you know that these carts are now used in streets as a common and Eco-friendly vehicle? Yep, it’s true. These are known as street legal golf carts.

Street legal golf carts are still golf carts that have a dual purpose of being used in either a golf course for golf transportation or in street roads as a regular vehicle for transport. These street legal golf carts can be used to go to places like camping grounds, beaches, subdivisions and anywhere else.

To make this cart street legal, it must conform to the standards and features of the Local Department of Land and Transportation and Traffic Safety Regulation in your local community and it must conform to safety.
What a street legal golf cart looks like is simply just like of an ordinary golf cart with more safety features available. What makes this great for short distance transportation with your family is that because it can run to up to only a maximum of 35 miles per hour.

Safety features present in street legal golf carts are head lights for illuminating passages as it travels in dark places or night time. Also tail lights will help them be visible during night.

Stop lights are also installed to insure that vehicles following would notice that you applied brakes and prepares to stop at any given time when the lights turns on. Another feature installed is signal lights. This provides signaling capabilities with blinking action in the rear and back parts of the vehicle to the vehicles following as well as vehicles ahead and towards your direction.

Next items attached to it are side and center mirrors that provide visual contact either on the back side or at the center. Seat belts are also installed to provide a safety travel to the riding public. It also has warning features informing the driver not to speed up to twenty miles per hour in public streets and roads.

In closing, street legal golf carts are very good to use, handy, spacious and might soon replace gas operated cars to promote an Eco-friendly travel to the general public.
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