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Why Marketing Should Be Your Law Firm’s Top 2012 Priority

Building a client base for your legal practice takes a lot of time and effort. Potential clients take into consideration a lot of things, such as exposure, success, and respect, before they deem a law firm worth hiring. This makes law firm marketing imperative now and not later.

You could make the argument that starting anything now is better than putting it off, but when it comes to marketing, it’s especially important. Many of us left law school without really ever understanding the marketing side of law, even though it’s critical to our success. Your expertise and competence would be all for naught if the target clientele are not made aware of it, and you can do this only through marketing.

A growing plant needs to be exposed to the sun for it to thrive; similarly, a law firm also needs to be exposed to the market to survive. Make sure the public is fully and constantly aware of your existence and your services on offer, and provide a means for them to reach you.

Getting in front of the right people is not easy, but with just a little preparation and persistence, it will start happening faster than you expect. The first step is always to figure out who your specific target audience is. Cast your nets too wide, and you might end up with more garbage than actual fish or, in this case, clients. On the other hand, if your marketing is extremely targeted, then you will appeal extremely well to that group of people.

Another vital point I would like to make is about sticking to one platform for your attorney marketing instead of launching on every available platform there is. If you like making videos, then produce videos for both internet and TV. If you love writing, then blogging and newspaper ads may work better for you. The point is that any platform can work if you put in the time and effort to learn how to succeed at that platform.

The best way to widen your client base is to have your current clients refer you to their friends and acquaintances. You of course should provide them with great service, but if you need an introduction to someone that they know, don’t be afraid to ask for that introduction. Back this up with good service, the kind of service that will make them happy and all too willing to let their social circles know about you.

Start your attorney marketing today – right now. Spinning a popular quote, it is better to have marketed and failed, than to not have marketed at all.

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