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Legal Marijuana Spice

Can you get addicted to legal marijuana (spice k7 k12)?

Okay so I smoke a lot of pot and I don’t plan on changing my ways so I don’t want to here your bitching.

Okay so my friend said that legal is addictive and can cause severe heart problems I just want to get some more information on that. Also how can legal be addictive and marijuana cant be? It makes no since.

Any mind altering substance can be psychologically addicting. Chocolate, caffeine or even sugar included.

Marijuana is certainly addictive psychologically. I personally work with marijuana addicts every day.

k2, k7, k12 “spice” or whatever else you want to call it is addictive in the psychological sense as well. Note: psychological dependence is often harder to treat than physiological dependence.

More importantly, more people are hospitalized from “legal weed” than the real thing.

If you’re going to smoke to get high, you might as well as just stick to the real thing. In my opinion, its safer.

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