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Legal Marijuana Substitute

Best US Legal Marijuana Substitute?

I know about things like Salvia but i’m looking for more of a marijuana chill
What do you guys figure it is? I see a lot of ‘legal buds’ around the internet but i imagine they can’t have any thc in them or they would be illegal, and if they look that much like marijuana then they must just be neutered or hemp or something

so yeah, what legal marijuana substitute can a person in the united states get a hold of if they want a legal high?

Legal marijuana is the best legal substitute for marijuana. It is legal from a state perspective in more than a dozen states for sick people. And in states where it is not legal for sick people, there are drugs that feature the active molecule in a synthetic form, THC. It is called Marinol.
If you are looking for recreational drugs, I can’t offer any help. Sorry.

Legal marijuana substitute causes unease

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