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Legal Pot Alternatives

How long THC remains in your system?

Hi there, Iv decided to join the Army, intake is in August and its now early April. Iv been smoking buds for the last year. I wouldnt say it was heavy usage, 3 or maybe 4 times a week with friends. The test they give you is a urine test. I stopped smoking about 1 and a half weeks ago and have begun running and lifting weights. I just want to make certain as to weather i will be safe for the urine test when August rolls around. Also Iv been looking at these legal pot alternatives, im guessing they will not show up in the urine tests??


They say you are affected by THC for 24 hrs and remains in your system up to a month, dependent on variant factors, like exertion. Don’t know about the alternatives…you would need to check with the authorities or pathologist.

Legal Cannabis for 25 Years – Irvin Rosenfeld’s Story

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