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Legal Pot Substitute

what is the marijuana substitute called? and what are the statistics?

i recently heard about a substance similar to marijuana called k4.. or something. what is the actually name of this substance. i’m not talking about salvia, i’ve done that, not even close to pot. it’s more like a 2 minute acid trip. what was your personal experience with this new legal pot substitute.
bq: what are the effects of this drug(weed substitute)?

Its basically Cannaboid synthetics that change the chemical structure slightly to create a new substance so its not a banned substance (ie marijuana) they have multiple names, well so that was how the loophole worked in my country its banned now. Like any new drug on the market it should be tested & released years later, these ”spice/k2” (all different names for it) substances aren’t & so most likely are harmful to your health.

I’ve heard off friends that smoking Salvia in a rolled joint produces the same effect as marijuana however be safe when using it. Like any substance that affects your judement or impairs you in anyway do it in safe enviorments, a sure-fire way to get a substance banned is by doing stupid s*it that gets reported to the media.

BQ: the effects basically mimick what marijuana does which (i don’t do chemistry so i’m probs wrong in my wording) alters the cannaboid receptors in your brain producing the high.

If you want further info i advise an unbiased site dedicated to debunking myths of reacreational drug use & approaching it with science established reports etc.

Legal marijuana substitute causes unease

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