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Legal Substitute For Weed

Legal substitutes for weed?

Ok so I’ve been doing research on stuff you can buy that will give you a weed high. I found a bunch, and have actually ordered some online. none of them have gave me the high like weed. so my question is has anyone bought anything that gave them a weed high? or do i just need to stick to weed?

Go here then click on links. I would recommend Am-hi-co products. If you want to laugh much, try the ice bud super cold, it makes you laugh like hell. You can read my review on Pulse ultra while you’re there. Later to day or tomorrow I will put up a review of Ice bud super cold. If you want something stronger try salvia (Not a chemcial product), it’s potent as shit I mean seriously you will be gone for 20-60min but it will feel like 4hours and you won’t know what is right or wrong.

They say that the am-hi-co spike products should be exactly like good weed or like Morocco hash. Try that one.

Legal marijuana substitute causes unease

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