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Legal Synthetic Cannabinoids

Will manufactured legal synthetic cannabinoids ever surpass the high from genuine THC?

They are very close to it now, but it still just doesn’t feel the same

keep messing around with synthetic cannabinoids that are untested and You could get seriously ill and because there untested and the dangers and side effects aren’t know then doctors will hav no idea how to help you save you… trust me i got tinnitus chronic, nausea, headache, and bad vision (persistent Perception disorder) of using spice once …its not worth it just buy weed seriously its better in every way oh yeah except from making you go man like if you got any underlining mental issues……i know i sound like a freak but you would if you got f**ked up of that untested SH*TE…i should well get the best answer like its bull if i dont.,,,.just because i am not bum licking the drugs

Legal marijuana substitute causes unease

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