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Legal Synthetic Weed

“legal synthetic weed” K2, Headhunter, King Krypto?

these are basically incense that you smoke and is a legal high, but im wondering if its really bad for you or not? i mean i know anything you inhale into your lungs is going to have some kind of effect, but it just seems like smoking incense is not safe. ive done it lots of times before so im wondering..

please only answer if you actually know what you are talking about. thanks

While marijuana has 5,000 years of recorded use, jwh-018 and the other synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on these herbal incense blends have little to no research available on them. Just because it is legal (or not illegal yet) doesn’t by any means make it safe. Nobody… not the president, not your doctor, not your pharmacist will be able to tell you what any short or long term effect are because as of right now nobody knows.

Mother speaks out against legal synthetic marijuana

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