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Marajuana Names

fake marajuana names or creations (fun)?

ok, so my brother and i were just doing a fun little thing about weed (marajuana) so if you want this is just for fun. / so, create your own hybrid of weed, it doesnt matter what kinds, just make a cool name for it and how would it make you feel? maybe mix the names or make a new name because of the color or how it makes you feel, overall, just have fun! ps im going to post this on an archive website, coolest creation gets best answer!!
lol i mean marijuana
ok try and come up with ones you can mix ex; northern lights + dro = hydrolic lights, black and green/blue, mellow sleepy peaceful, etc. but i do LOVE the pb n j one xD

Razzle dazzle peanut butta purp! Lol It would be purple and brown. It would smell like a pb& j sandwich! And make you very happy, not sleepy, very nice and hungry 🙂 It would be the weed you smoke before you go to a show or concert so you are hyper and happy but also high 🙂 Laughing at life. I wish it was real!! 🙂 Love this question!

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