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Marjuana Effects

is there any connection between marijuana and homosexuality?

So i’ve been smoking on and off for about 3 years and lately smoking a lot more than regular, but i’ve also been feeling straighter than ever. It’s just wierd. It feels as though when i smoke i get straighter, and when i don’t i get gayer. not that either way bothers me because i consider myself bisexual but i just wonder. do you think theres any real correlation here? marjuana effects the brain, i’m gay in the brain, so maybe?

maybe you’re just getting a little too loopy there. drugs have nothing to do with your true sexuality .. however, they could make you think/see untrue things … which i’m supposing is happening to you. lol. maybe it’s something else & you’re just jumping to silly conclusions. x]

Party Effects: BASS GAMES 01 Marjuana Chances

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