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Natural Herbs To Smoke

Other natural things to smoke but not to get high?

Hi all a best answer will be chosen.
So im looking for some goof natural herbs to smoke nothing like salvia or legal buds as i dont want to get high i did do off legal weed and it was a horible experiance and im still getting hit with the anxiety now actually i have depersonalization now so thats why i dont want to touch anything stronger but i want something thats plesant to smoke i was thinking maby tea, or another natural herb but pls nothing that even has slight high affects just some that tasts good


Types Of Natural Herbs To Smoke

There are a great variety of herbs that can be smoked such as Mugwart, an herb designed to aid in calmness and relaxation and stress reduction; St. John’s Wort, an herb that is often used for mild psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety; Lobelia Leaf which can be used for muscle relaxing properties; etc. As one can see, there are a number of natural herbs to smoke and they can provide a number of benefits. Of course, these benefits will be undermined if one abuses the use of the herbs.

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