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Negative Long Term Effects Of Marijuana

What are the negative long-term effects of marijuana use?

Is marijuana bad? This question really confuses me because half the people say no and the other half says yes. I can never get a straight answer.

Those who say it’s not that bad say:
its not physically addicting, less dangerous to the lungs than cigarettes, less dangerous to the brain than alcohol, and won’t kill you. It’s also legal in several countries and medical uses of marijuana is legal even in some states in the US. It’s always been a question of debate (whether it should be legal or not) but other drugs are not usually debated as much. It’s safer than all other illegal drugs and safer than cigarettes and alchol.

however, if the facts were as simple as i stated above, then why is there half the population against marijuana? Why is it so bad?
i dont smoke it, its out of curiosity

People are against it because it gets you high. If you didn’t get high people could care less about this substance. You don’t see people debating whether or not smoking should be illegal. We know cigarettes kill you, but no one is fighting to get it to the point that if you smoke it you get a criminal record. Some places have made it so that if you smoke in public, where it harms other people you get a fine. Most people are all for that, even smokers.

So why can’t marijuana be the same? The fact is marijuana is less harmful then cigarettes, both for your brain and your body, but those who are against getting high won’t admit this. What about herbal cigarettes, they aren’t marijuana, and no one gives a crap about those, all the same arguments can be used againt herbal cigarettes. So why aren’t we making EVERYTHING that harms your body illegal? The answer is, people don’t care if it harms your body…they only care if you get high.

Imagine what would happen if cigarettes carried the same punishment as marijuana.

Marijuana: Negative Health Effects

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