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Order Legal Weed

Has anyone ever ordered legal weed from the internet?

I was checkin out this website and it has a bunch of “legal bud” you can order, but I need to know that i can actually get high off of this stuff before i order anything and if it’s actually legal.. i’m kinda skepticle
Also, I’m totally aware of which section I posted this question in.. I just feel like I could get more people to answer in this section if that makes sense…

my sister ordered some legal bud off of im guessing that its probably the same kind of herb. she let me smoke it with her and it SUCKED it doesnt get you high at all, just a little buzzed. its deffinately not worth the money but there are legal herbs call “space” and salvia” that will get you pretty high. i couldnt find any on but there might be some on the site you were talking about. also my friends have told me about a legal herb called “blueberry” ive never tried it before but my friends say its pretty good but not as good as space and deffinately not as good as salvia.

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