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Side Effects From Marijuana

What are side effects from marijuana?

I was watching tv and a guy smoked it.He saw things that really was not there.Is that a side effect?Are there other side effects?

The following IS caused by smoking pot and/or can TRIGGER the following:

-panic & anxiety attacks
-Racing heart beat/faster heart beat
-“tripping out” which means you see things or hallucination..this can be really small or mild or severe depending on how much you smoke, and what kind of pot you smoke
-You can definitely go “crazy” with pot…

some positive aspects:

-Creative (usually think of idea’s or projects that wouldn’t have happened prior to smoking but it CAN BE DONE without for sure)
-Increase appetite (people with eating disorders are given “medical” pot to increase the desire to eat.
-Can heal physical pain (people with bone pain, or muscle pain are allowed to legally smoke medical pot because it has been said to heal pain)

in the’s a DRUG……A DRUG….so if you do decide to smoke it…just be careful WHERE it comes from and HOW it was made…but it’s fun if you use it wisely and not become “a pot head”

Marijuana Facts : Social Side Effects of Marijuana

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