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Side Effects Herbal Incense

Cheap Herbal Incense and Its Side Effects

What is herbal incense? Herbal Incense is a natural herb leaves that are crushed to be powder. When burned, this powder explores a sweet aroma that lasts for a long time. When one buys
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, find a note over the packet that it is “not for human consumption”. However, numerous people are inhaling herbal incense. Why so?

If you have been through old scriptures, there are lots of references of use of herbal incense for scared and medicinal purpose. Its healing and refreshing qualities are not compared with anything else. Although no one could doubt its health improving qualities, its excessive consumption invites lots of health problems. It’s true! Mind altering sensations of the herbal incense are used to feel ‘high’.

There are some fake products that are marketed as herbal incense but some young people are using it to get high. It is smoked to produce a high similar to marijuana. This drug is not available in the online shops but one can get it in local shops illegally. The shopkeeper doesn’t even care that the person who is buying herbal incense is mature or not. Many of the under aged people are found consuming herbal incense just to feel a “synthetic” high.

In spite of warnings, for having rapid “high” effect of direct inhalation that can be acquired by smoking cigarette, many people seem to be using the product. But do you know that if not taken care and used in excessive quantity, it badly affects your body. It can increase the bad effects that are mentioned below.

• Feeling of ecstasy

• Increased appetite

• Lethargy

• Red eyes

• Heavy limbs

• suspicion

• heart palpitations

• vomiting

• dizziness

• fainting

• intense fear of death

• irrational behavior

• panic attacks

• psychosis

People who have experienced herbal incense have an idea about the side effects that can be caused by use of cheap herbal incense. To avoid all these side effects it is better to get an idea before using it. According to its malpractice, herbal incense is banned in some countries. Although it has restricted marketing only into online market, but
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is available in many retails shop illegally.

However, these all things will not affect the refreshing and welcoming effects of herbal incense. It is really a health beneficial product if used in proper proportion. Premium Herbal Incense products are just best to use. They have all the qualities of incense and they are also safe to use. To know more visit them at:

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