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Side Effects Of Synthetic Marijuana

Smoked some synthetic marijuana yesterday and flipped out! & i think i had a anxiety attack.?

Can someone please give me some side effects of synthetic marijuana and symptoms of a anxiety attack. If you have ever had a bad experience with synthetic marijuana please comment.!

I have never smoked fake weed but I have smoked salvia and real weed. I have had some horrible experiences so thats why i hate smoking weed now. My panic attacks were like I would feel like everything was going way to fast and I was about to just die right there on the spot and my heart would pound so freakin hard I would feel like I was gonna pass out and my hands would sometimes get numb, Id just be FREAKIN OUT in my head like the most worried feeling ever. Thinking tons of bad stuff and negative thoughts.

Over time I realized they were just anxitey attacks and that I couldnt smoke weed or cigs or (def not salvia ever again that scared me to death) basically I cant do anything because I always get anxiety so I have to stay straight except I drink occasionally. I dont know why I started getting them but after my first panic attack while smoking weed it was never ever the same again and I never had a good time being high again. I think for me it just stems from other mental issues like anger and depression and tonnns of other mental things I got goin on. Weed doesnt relax me when Im stressed, it magnifies it by like x10.

SYNTHETIC Marijuana Users Voice Side Effects- Trailer

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